About Me


We are TICA registered home cattery, as well as USDA certified. All kittens come with 180 days health guarantee. Home visits are welcome to look at the kittens. Facetime is available as well.


 Scottish folds are my favorite breed, they are so soft and affectionate. A while back I got my own Scottish fold, and I quickly fell in love with her, I never knew a cat can be so affectionate and fluffy. Because of this, I wanted to introduce more people to this lovable breed. I treat every cat I sell as my own, I give them the utmost affection and love to get them ready for their new owners! I appreciate your support of my business and hope you will just like me, love Scottish folds unconditionally. 


All kittens come with vaccinations, deworming and passports. As well as some food an a litterbox to get you started.